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The Sunday Roast #1

by on August 15, 2010

Item 1

BMX Bandits is a good movie. Good story. Good acting. Good action.

Item 2

New youtube channel. With all the bacon boy classics such as That was hell sliding!!, Fat Guntah’s Encounter, half the Magnus videos and Alister’s classic Comic Collection. Just a playlist to keep everything in one place.


Item 3

New animation made for the schools art exhibition. It played 24/7 for a whole week in the PE fawyer. Many stars including Renny J, John Cale (velvet underground) and Dennis Wilson, ex beachboy member. Its goodo.

Item 4

Sauna Boyz. Second assembely gig last Wednesday which went unrecorded. Covered Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out) which is one of the most droning songs ever. Added a bit of bongo smashing and the Rugrats theme to brighten it up. It went fair enough.

Item 5

Me and Sean working on documentary┬ábased on the Hill’s Renny music scene. Should be goodo.

Item 6

This guy is off the chain-

The new Aaron Merke?


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  1. Ben permalink

    far out man, WordPress is hell bad for layout design.

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