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Tales from the cribt

by on May 23, 2012

Hey, I bet you’re wondering what ben yaxley and his royal pals are up to lately? Well, I’ll tell you anyway, numb nuts.

For a uni assignment I made a silly game about health inspectors, and then me and dennis and wade did a directors commentary and it got shown to my design class the next morning and they thought it was hellllllllllll good. watch the link below:

oh yeah and then I went to see wavves live which was pretty awesome, and I got to thump some crowd surfers and my animation teacher was there and a couple of random people from uni, who turned out to like the band pavement which was hell sick

and then tim made a disturbing looking head of bill murray in maya


and then on the bus today there was this hell old lady with a mohawk who probably didnt have enough money for hair dye, so she bought some yellow and pink highlighters and manually coloured her mohawk in, and then probably the morning after she was like, oh shit, what happened to the sides of my hair? so she tried to camoflage her yellow/pink mohawk, by colouring in the rest of her scalp in yellow and pink highlighter and it was hellll obvious but it would be pretty rude to tell her that I wasn’t fooled, so I just gave her a polite grin

and today on the google page there was this pretty cool moog synthesizer as the google logo, so I tried playing My Sherona, which I pretty much aced, so I played it to john and word for word, he told me to ‘fuck off’. attrocious behavior from my brother i know. then i saw these cool guys on youtube play van halen’s jump on the google synth, which was pretty much my leavers theme tune, so I was hell amazed and I wish I could hang out with these chill bros

and malcom was saying we might do a podcast after the delightful sucess of ‘Lets Play Curse of Dynomite’ so we might do one of those and it will pown the idiots at yogscast central

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