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baby its time for stormy weather

by on August 27, 2012

Hey hey. For that composition/ special effects unit I was talking about, well we had to make animatics for our final idea. This was mine: an advertisment for Transperth to use in their Stay Off The Tracks campaign.

It got a positive response, although I had to explain the ‘illogical’ twist ending. I said it was a (SPOILER) ghost train that makes the kids turn into skeletons.

I also did this vector art of Simon and Garfunkel yesterday. It took forever.

Cool. Other than that general uni stuff, I passed my practical driving test, which was the hardest and maybe most frustrating thing I’ve ever had to do. I definitely recommend living somewhere like London, where you don’t need to drive. I also got a volunteer job at RTR fm, which is the best job ever, even though there is no pay. Its cool to meet people who like the music that I like. Speaking of that, here is a link to my last fm page.

Adidas, and keep smiling.


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