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The Fisherman’s Dozen

by on November 13, 2012

So this weekend me and my friends Tim and Shannon participated in the WamBam 48 hour animation competition, where you travel all the way to Joondalup and spend 2 days animating a short film from scratch and it has a hell frightening deadline so you have to do loads of work. Fortunately (most) of it was pretty fun as Tim and Shannon are pretty likeminded in humor, so all our scenes in the end were fairly creative and funny. It was cool working with Shannon who we haven’t worked with before- he did a lot of the frame by framing and character design and voicing. We equally did a third each and you can probably tell what parts we worked on from the varying styles. Anyway, we came 2nd by the judges vote and we won the people’s choice award..

The others were very good too- maybe none of them as anarchic as ours, but there was some very polished and professional work done in this. Thank you WAnimate for hosting this.


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