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by on February 12, 2013

Oh yeah, I haven’t posted anything for 3 months. What have I been up to anyway? Well, I finished the RTR FM training course which means I can present on the radio now. I did a three hour show in January and played a load of indie rock, local and silly music (including nockFORCE, Wilcannia Mob and Brodyquest). I am on again in a week.

My presenter profile is up on the site too:

Oh yeah, I started that daily comic strip thing in January, but I stopped doing it for various reasons. Here they are.

Last night too we saw the cult band/orchestra Godspeed You! Black Emperor live at the Perth festival. It was quite good, although a little disappointing as they walked in, played their instrumental music for 2 hours and walked out without saying a word. Most songs were unreleased, but they did play a few recognisable ones like Mladic from the new album and the classic Moya. It would of been cool if they’d dragged the nut-case Blaise Bailley Finnegan with them too, but that is unlikely.. hes probably dead or in jail by now.

Well, I can’t wait for uni to start so I can get back to being productive again


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