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Hey man:


Inspector Bones


fun for every1


Dopebroez vs The Peanuts Gang


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Look at the photos while listening to this:

Which clan do you think would win and why? Tell us in 25 words or less, and you can win some fruit roll-ups that I might send you in the mail.

New Video: Why driving tests suck


I failed my logbook test for the second time today, and it was annoying, but I thought up a good idea and made an animation. My voice hurt pretty bad at the end which is why it goes all whispery.

B-Ball Card of the Month #5




Copyrite Sven Yaxley 2012

preview for new animated bio pic


about a good friend of mine Tom Harkness. I decided to make another silly movie about someone, in the trusty nu lo fi program Scratch. its about the day that tom turned 18..  drinking, raunchiness and vandalism shall ensue. heres a picture of a classic scene, THE BACHELORS PICK

just to warn you, my mum hated it

Ey num nuts, heres some more!


Aww nice

That was luvely

New video: Sam and Pete have a whale of a time


Once again, another 2 hour film entry- key word being ‘maintenance’

Animated in Scratch which is free and slightly limited, however, I really like the MS paint style it creates, so it’s cool. The music used is Sonic Youth’s ‘She is not alone’ which is a nice instrumental type song.

I might make a series, because one episode only took under 3 hours and I can piss off the real Sam Martin with them.