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Hey man:



Oh yeah, I haven’t posted anything for 3 months. What have I been up to anyway? Well, I finished the RTR FM training course which means I can present on the radio now. I did a three hour show in January and played a load of indie rock, local and silly music (including nockFORCE, Wilcannia Mob and Brodyquest). I am on again in a week.

My presenter profile is up on the site too:

Oh yeah, I started that daily comic strip thing in January, but I stopped doing it for various reasons. Here they are.

Last night too we saw the cult band/orchestra Godspeed You! Black Emperor live at the Perth festival. It was quite good, although a little disappointing as they walked in, played their instrumental music for 2 hours and walked out without saying a word. Most songs were unreleased, but they did play a few recognisable ones like Mladic from the new album and the classic Moya. It would of been cool if they’d dragged the nut-case Blaise Bailley Finnegan with them too, but that is unlikely.. hes probably dead or in jail by now.

Well, I can’t wait for uni to start so I can get back to being productive again


The Fisherman’s Dozen


So this weekend me and my friends Tim and Shannon participated in the WamBam 48 hour animation competition, where you travel all the way to Joondalup and spend 2 days animating a short film from scratch and it has a hell frightening deadline so you have to do loads of work. Fortunately (most) of it was pretty fun as Tim and Shannon are pretty likeminded in humor, so all our scenes in the end were fairly creative and funny. It was cool working with Shannon who we haven’t worked with before- he did a lot of the frame by framing and character design and voicing. We equally did a third each and you can probably tell what parts we worked on from the varying styles. Anyway, we came 2nd by the judges vote and we won the people’s choice award..

The others were very good too- maybe none of them as anarchic as ours, but there was some very polished and professional work done in this. Thank you WAnimate for hosting this.

Stay off the Tracks, dingus!! (new video)


Hey, so this is what I’ve been mainly working on for the past couple of months. I have a lot of uni work, but thanks to the damn humanities board, in Semester 2 we can only do one actual creative subject, which is Composition. So this is the video I made in that subject and it’s about these two kids playing cable link-up Pokemon on the railway tracks.

Now that this is finished I can do some other things that I want to do. Me and Tim are going to continue working on this 3D cartoon series called Top Job, about these guys who work at an electronic rental place. In theory it will be funny.

Otherwise, see you soon

baby its time for stormy weather


Hey hey. For that composition/ special effects unit I was talking about, well we had to make animatics for our final idea. This was mine: an advertisment for Transperth to use in their Stay Off The Tracks campaign.

It got a positive response, although I had to explain the ‘illogical’ twist ending. I said it was a (SPOILER) ghost train that makes the kids turn into skeletons.

I also did this vector art of Simon and Garfunkel yesterday. It took forever.

Cool. Other than that general uni stuff, I passed my practical driving test, which was the hardest and maybe most frustrating thing I’ve ever had to do. I definitely recommend living somewhere like London, where you don’t need to drive. I also got a volunteer job at RTR fm, which is the best job ever, even though there is no pay. Its cool to meet people who like the music that I like. Speaking of that, here is a link to my last fm page.

Adidas, and keep smiling.

Another blog


Sorry I haven’t updated in like, 2 months, figuratively.

I’ve been on semester break, so I haven’t really done anything worth showing during that time. Although now I am back, doing an After Effects unit, and Photoshop too, I’ll have some cool things to show.

I had to get a developer blog for my After Effects unit, and here it is:

Tumblr? Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to post fucking.. anime stills and.. polaroids.. of.. summer dresses. It’s mostly ideation and planning for an animation film I have to make. I still try to write it entertainingly, so have a look if you’re a tumble man.

Deviant Art account and end of semester


Hey, so I’ll be uploading all my smaller animations that don’t require extensive editing, as Flash files to Deviant Art- a less asshole-y version of Newgrounds, I think.

I have posted up my walk cycle (that got 97%) and the ball bounce one, with the mouse jumping off the roof.

Click the picture below to go to the site:

Oh yeah, and heres a shit 3D rendition of the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in Waynes World that I made on Maya:

Tales from the cribt


Hey, I bet you’re wondering what ben yaxley and his royal pals are up to lately? Well, I’ll tell you anyway, numb nuts.

For a uni assignment I made a silly game about health inspectors, and then me and dennis and wade did a directors commentary and it got shown to my design class the next morning and they thought it was hellllllllllll good. watch the link below:

oh yeah and then I went to see wavves live which was pretty awesome, and I got to thump some crowd surfers and my animation teacher was there and a couple of random people from uni, who turned out to like the band pavement which was hell sick

and then tim made a disturbing looking head of bill murray in maya


and then on the bus today there was this hell old lady with a mohawk who probably didnt have enough money for hair dye, so she bought some yellow and pink highlighters and manually coloured her mohawk in, and then probably the morning after she was like, oh shit, what happened to the sides of my hair? so she tried to camoflage her yellow/pink mohawk, by colouring in the rest of her scalp in yellow and pink highlighter and it was hellll obvious but it would be pretty rude to tell her that I wasn’t fooled, so I just gave her a polite grin

and today on the google page there was this pretty cool moog synthesizer as the google logo, so I tried playing My Sherona, which I pretty much aced, so I played it to john and word for word, he told me to ‘fuck off’. attrocious behavior from my brother i know. then i saw these cool guys on youtube play van halen’s jump on the google synth, which was pretty much my leavers theme tune, so I was hell amazed and I wish I could hang out with these chill bros

and malcom was saying we might do a podcast after the delightful sucess of ‘Lets Play Curse of Dynomite’ so we might do one of those and it will pown the idiots at yogscast central